Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hips, haws and berries

 At long last - welcome, Autumn! My absolute favourite (I may have said that about spring and winter too, but sssh), and to my mind, the season with the most beautiful colours. Blackberry leaves will be turning shocking pink any day now, and already the hedgerows are red, purple and yellow.

Hence the autumnal updates on the Secret Garden page - there are also new pieces on the Commissions, Precious Earth and World on a String pages too.

Plus the FOOD! Summer's all very well, but it doesn't have enough crumble for me, frankly. I'm very lucky to have a mother and a stepmother who make fabulous jams and chutneys, so this is the time of year when I present them with empty jam jars and a hopeful, hungry look.

Plus the DRINK! This year I'll be steeping elderberries (top right) in white port, to make the main component of my Elder Wand cocktail. There will also be rosehip and hawthorn schnapps for the Hawcrux. Autummmmmmmn.


  1. What gorgeous autumn fare Katharine Romey! Season of mists and berried jewellery. (I can't believe I am quoting Keats so badly in public! As you say, shameless.)

  2. Thanks Joanna! And well done for raising the tone - I've had 'Autumn days when my wrists are jewelled' in my head since Saturday...

  3. Oooh your Elder Wand Cocktail sounds amazing Katherine! What great ways to drink to Autumn! xx

  4. Dear Katherine, I would like to pass The Liebster award on to you. I was just awarded it and had to choose 11 other blogs with a readership of less than 300 to pass the award to.

    No worries if it is not something you are interested in, I just wanted to pass it along to you as I so enjoy your lovely blog.

    Details of the award and how it works can be found back on my blog at

    Emalina x