Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sea glass

Sea glass may just be my favourite material to work with. The more it's been knocked about, the more beautiful it is. If that reminds you of anyone you know, and you'd like to buy a piece as a gift, take a look at the 'Sea foam and bubbles' range on the right.


  1. What beautiful necklaces Katharine, keep up the great work! x

  2. Oh I love these. Have you really actually found those glasses on the beach? How amazing. I always get lost in searching for beautiful objects whenever I am on the beach. It is healing. And always fantasized how to put them together into beautiful jewellery but alas lack the skills! Wonderful.

  3. Thanks, Emalina and Isidora!

    I'm amassing a bit of a treasure trove of sea pottery, too, which I'm experimenting with - watch this space!

    Isidora, if you'd like me to make any of your lovely beach finds into jewellery, just let me know. I love pieces with a story!